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In Memorium

We regret to announce that Placer died July 11, 2007. He will be missed as a stud, as a riding horse, and as a friend. We are not currently standing a stallion at stud.

AHR 0327429
Piechur x Fanci Prance

The head photo of Placers Gold shows his symetrical blaze and kind eye.

1985 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Stallion
14.2 hands
Has been blood typed, DNA typed, and tattooed
White on all 4 feet
Sires chrome: Socks, Blaze, & More!
Quiet, sound, healthy, correct
Easy keeper
Typey enough to please a Bedouin

Piechur, the sire of Placers Gold WF,
did well racing in Poland.
Other great Arabians in Placer's pedigree include:
(within 4 generations back)
PASB Banat
PASB El Azrak
PASB Faher
PASB Witraz
PASB Negatiw
RASB Negativ
PASB Comet

Placers Gold knows how to stretch for the judges.

Sales List

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Also remembering:
This mare won a West Virginia 4-H Championship with our son, numerous high point awards in both West Virginia and Texas, and the CTAHC Sarge Webber Trail Award - one of only a few horses to win the Sarge Webber award more than once.  She gave dozens of lessons, was in parades and went on trail rides.  She retired after a knee injury, which finally got so painful that we put her down November 2008.