Files Arabians
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History of Files Arabians

When we moved to Texas in 1992 with 3 pregnant mares, we didn't envision the wonderful lessons they would teach us. We still have one of these 3 horses, as well as a couple of descendents. Since moving in we've:
built the barn,
installed a round ring and dressage arena
cleared brush & trees
fenced pastures
& done lots of  learning, teaching, breeding, and riding.

Unemployment in 1993 dictated that "The horses have to pay for themselves." We started giving riding lessons, and have continued to give private and small group lessons. Labor of love, and the non-financial benefits of working with animals, have kept us going.


The Files family of Cedar Creek, Texas owns, manages, and operates Files Arabians. 99% of all hauling, barnwork, lessons, and horse handling is done by one of us.

We also manage a 4-H club called the Brush Poppers. The name "Brush Poppers" is a range horse term. It derives from cowboy horses that developed a habit of popping over bushes such as mesquite or tumbleweeds, both of which are thorny.

Shimaira moved to Texas with us, and has given lots of lessons.

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